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What happens from the point when you type in a URL in your

  browser to the point the page gets displayed?

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1. DNS or /etc/hosts file is referenced to check if the address can be resolved into an IP address (depending upon the /etc/redsolv.conf settings). Similar check is performed on non-NIX OSs.
2. If the IP address is found either via DNS lookup or through hosts file, the ARP table is referenced to find the MAC address of the machine.
3. Once the MAC address is found, the browser queries GET for the URL from the website on the requested port (if no port is specified in the URL, the GET is issued by default onto port 80).
4. Local NIC card is used to sent out the packets on the destination MAC address.
5. Browser downloads the URL page and renders it into HTML and displays it.

Rahul Khare on 28-Dec-2010

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