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What is your 10 year plan with the company - threw me off guard because I hadn't really though that far ahead.

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Guarantee the interview stops and you're offered the job after this answer or at very least set you far apart from other candidates.. works in every interview even for a corporate job. Hope this helps. In 10 years i want to be in a management position. Leading my own team and working toward challenging targets. To achieve this goal, my short term objectives are to: step 1..establish myself within your team and learn as much as i can about your products and services in order to maximize all selling opportunities. step 2..I'm Naturally driven by achieving financial targets so I want to understand the commission structure in more detail to make sure that i achieve targets consistently. Step 3. I want to make contact with all my new accounts, (a) to understand all my customers and their needs and (b) develop plans for them for the next 2, 4, and 6 years. Step 4.. After consistently achieving targets over a long period of time, I will put together a training plan with my manager, understanding the skills i would need to develop in order to achieve my target of leading and developing my own team. By breaking down the 10 year plan into smaller and manageable chunks, I believe it provides me with clarity and direction needed to achieve this goal.

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There are benefits to keeping it concise, but also to making it lengthy and detailed. If it were me, I might just say that in 10 years I saw myself at the forefront of Verizon in a high ranking management position at headquarters. While I know that I have profound sales and marketing skills, I also know I am good with people and organizing workflow around tasks to accomplish projects both on the macro and micro level.

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Terrific answer to a dumb question. Their process is lengthy. I believe they are in a hiring freeze at this point. Be persisteny, call/email once or twice weekly until they either hire you or tell you that you didn't get the job.

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I told them I would like to work in sales then move into being a network tech, as I am getting my CCNA soon.

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