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What would you do if you saw someone sleeping on the job? Would you report them or not say anything?

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If they were sleeping, I would have to report them to the supervisor because sleeping on the job should not be tolerated and reflects poorly on myself and on the officer if I let it continue.

Anonymous on


I'd ask the sleeping guard to move over and make room for me cuz I'm tired too.

Anonymous on


First i'd check if the officer is feeling okay and that there was no medical issues, then I'd ask him if there were any issues at home causing him to sleep on the job, then I would instruct him to get some fresh air while I cover his post, If It happened again I'd have to report him because he is a bad reflection to the company that we work for and the company that we are representing. In our Position sleeping cannot be tolerated.

P. Diemer on


It is a great offence to sleep on duty, if for first time I will alert you and forward up to my supervisor to find out if the person is in good shape or condition to work.

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