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Why did the chicken cross the road?


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I interpret this is a behavioral question requiring an observational view point, but they were expecting an analytical answer.

Interview Candidate on 29-Nov-2018

This is a typical street smartness question which checks "how quickly can you think on your feet?". So, there is no single right answer to this question. Since, this is a Product Manager interview, you can the answer a twist in such a way that it highlights your Product Management Prowess. Also, you can add some observational skills based on the situation and surroundings. But since I am answering this offline, I would keep it restricted to the PM ecosystem.

The reason chicken crossed the street is because it saw a wonderfully designed, sufficiently aerated and fodder rich (consisting of seeds, gravel, worms and greens) coop with happy chickens inside it. The chicken thought that instead of staying lonely, cramped and without food on this side of the road, it is better to take some risk and go to the other side since the product looked really attractive and satisfied all the basic needs and wants of the chicken. The patch of the road was marked with zebra crossing so the chicken was confident that it would be easy for it to cross (onboard the product) the street. The chicken also saw sufficient value as compared to the current situation and it also saw and entry to a large farm at the other end of the coop. So, the chicken thought that the crossing the road and moving even further had incremental benefits and its worth giving a try. You can add more aspects to the story such as the chicken belonged to the right segment for which the coop was made, there were drawings on the street which positioned the coop appropriately for this particular chicken, etc etc. In the previous answer, I read that they were expecting an analytical answer. You can also add that the maximum feet extension of the small chicken was 2 inches and the street was 4 feet long so it would have taken 24 hops for the chicken to cross which was less considering the benefits from the product so the friction was less for the product usage. The coop was 10 feet high and 20 feet long so it could accomodate x chickens of cubical size 6*6 inches. Do the calculations. So, the chicken thought that it wont get cramped even if there were 100 chickens coming behind it. You can give it any analytical twist. Its just how you combine your imagination with the Product Management Knowledge you have. And please dont answer with "to get to the other side". Although you can add humour after answering it saying, "I am very sure the chicken just wanted to get to the other side and would have been flattered with my story".

Nilesh on 20-Jun-2019

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