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Global Research Intern Interview Boston, MA (US)

You are playing Russian Roulette and you have a 6-barrel

  gun and there are two bullets in the chamber (lying consecutively in the chamber). I fire one shot at myself and no bullet comes out and then hand the gun to you. Are you going to spin the barrel and shoot at yourself or shoot from where I left it? (assuming you do not want to get shot)

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Answer: goodbye, I don't want to work with people who ask such a question.

Anonymous on 09-Apr-2014

Would spin the barrel where your chances of getting shot are less: 33.3% (2 out of 6 chambers loaded) versus 40% (2 out of 5 chambers loaded). Tough question, especially for an intern position.

Russ on 25-Nov-2014

If you spin the barrel, it's a 33.3% chance you get shot. However, there are only 4 ways that the first person could have been spared. In three of those ways, the next barrel will be free, but in the final one, the next barrel will be loaded. Thus, taking the next shot would leave a 25% of death, so the correct answer would be to take the next shot.

Andrew on 29-Oct-2015

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