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You have 9 digits 1-9. Partition them into two sets S1 and

  S2. Make a number (any) using the digits of partition S1. Call this x. Similarly do it for S2. Call it y. the product p=xy. What should the numbers x and y be to maximize p.

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97531 * 8642

Anonymous on 31-Mar-2011

Its actually 87531*9642

Anonymous on 31-Mar-2011

can you please give and explanation, as of how you reach at this conclusion?

Anonymous on 15-Jul-2012


Start by adding digits to the numbers from left to right. Its easy to see that the numbers should begin with 9 and 8.

The trick is to add the next biggest digit to the smaller number so that it multiplies the bigger number.

9 8
9 87
96 87
9642 8753
9642 87531

Aditya Gupta on 16-Aug-2012

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