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You have got two candles and each candle will burn for half

  an hour. You are put in dark room with a match stick. You have to measure exactly 45 minutes and come out of the room.

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Burn the both ends of the candle so you measure 15 Minutes and the remaining 30 minutes you can burn the candle

Interview Candidate on 18-Jun-2012

Burn one candle at a time. Let the first candle burn fully which will take 30 minutes and then let the second candle burn half its way which will be 15 minutes approximately. Leave the room as the total estimated time becomes 45 minutes by then.

Anonymous on 21-Jun-2012

First light-up the two ends of the 1st candle and one end of the 2ndcandle.When the 1st candle will burn out ,then light up the both ends of the 2ndcandle(15+30=45)

Prashant Singh on 23-Jun-2012

light one candle when it comes to half of other it takes 15 min now burm the other candle
fully would take other 30 mins
total time 45 mins

shreyans on 24-Jun-2012

burn the first candle and take second candle as reference. when the first candle burns till the half of the reference candle then burn the 2nd candle leaving the first candle . so when the second candel burns out completely it will be 45 minutes(15+30)

Jestin Joy on 26-Jun-2012

assuming that we can burn the candle from both the end. burn1st candle completely , it will take 30 min . now burn 2nd candle from both the end , it will take 15 15 + 30 = 45

Anonymous on 26-Jun-2012

1. Burn The First Candle Fully = 30 minutes
2. After Then , Burn The Second
     Fom Both The Sides = 15 minutes
3. Total = 45 (30+15) minutes

Ishant on 26-Jun-2012

firstly we can burn i candle from one side only
& let this burn
when its about to extinguish
burn the other candle from both sides
hence, we ''ll get 30 + 15 =45 minutes

shiva singla on 28-Jun-2012

burn first candle then 2nd and note the time in ur wrist watch after exactly 45 miin come out ... lol

vishant on 28-Jun-2012

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