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What would you do, if you are in a situation where in you are requesting for a certain input from a very senior person in the management and he is not replying back to your emails, phone calls etc. And this input is crucial for you to meet a deadline.

2 Answers

Escalate it through the right channel.

to know the right way

Do you believe in hard work or smart work?

3 Answers

why do you want to change your current job?

2 Answers

Were asked relavent questions on work,family & experience

1 Answer

what are the cretiria to account the vendor invoice.

1 Answer

How can we take the reports for account payable for audit purpose

1 Answer

No no we cant pay you that much, Why are you changing your current company

1 Answer

The question about my marital status

1 Answer

Interviewer asked me that how much experience you have it.......????

1 Answer

how will you sell a fish to a brahman????

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