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Do you believe in hard work or smart work?

3 Answers

And no matter what you answer,he will tell you that you are wrong.

Smart Work

These are not opposite to each other, It depends and Hard work can be done by smart way.

What would you do, if you are in a situation where in you are requesting for a certain input from a very senior person in the management and he is not replying back to your emails, phone calls etc. And this input is crucial for you to meet a deadline.

3 Answers

why do you want to change your current job?

4 Answers

They asked previous work process.

1 Answer

No no we cant pay you that much, Why are you changing your current company

1 Answer

Interviewer asked me that how much experience you have it.......????

1 Answer

how will you sell a fish to a brahman????

1 Answer

Explain about the process

1 Answer

The interviewer asked about myself,my profile,nd my passion about the work..

1 Answer

What is the reason for leaving the job?

1 Answer
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