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TNT Crane & Rigging
Accounts Receivable Clerk was asked...7 November 2013

Not a question, but a statement. Office manager told me that it was a good thing that I wore a skirt because she thought it was tacky for the previous two women to wear slacks to an interview.

2 Answers

I think its tacky for her to have talked about the other two candidates to you. She could have complimented you without insulting the others. Very unprofessional of her. Less

Office Manager hugged me after the interview.

Mercedes-Benz International

Why would I be a good asset?

2 Answers

I advised that I was a fast paced and quick learned, I am able to pick up on things quickly and always craving new things to learn. Less

Because of the knowledge i can bring to the department and the knowledge i can learn from the department, combining them in so to improve myself and not be good asset but a great asset Less


What is that you can bring from your previous experience to this role?

1 Answers

Kept it honest!

Arnold Oil Company

Do you have experience working with a live ledger?

1 Answers

No, but that whole concept sounds awesome! Everything I've ever dealt with was next day. Less

Republic Services

They asked about my attendance record at previous companies.

1 Answers

Yes, did answer their question: Did enjoy this line of work, did have reliable transportation, did believe being punctual, attendance record only was affected by inclement weather, had to be very ill or hospitalized. Less

OTR Solutions

They asked about previous experience.

1 Answers

I told them what I had done in tthe past.


What Previous Experience do you have in Accounting

1 Answers

Bookeeping for a Volunteer Organization.


What information do I verify when posting a payment?

1 Answers

I verify the customer name, amount , invoice to be paid and if these are not provided with the remittance I contact the customer for more clarification. Less

Helget Gas Products

I cannot recall any questions that were outside the realm of typical questions.

1 Answers

Overall, I would not recommend working here. Pay is low due to the industry and the owner is a penny pincher. Less

J. F. Ahern

They asked me several questions about what I did at my then current job.

1 Answers

At that point in time, I covered so many different things through my position that it gave me experience in multiple different areas. Less

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