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How will you deal with your juniors of you caught them fighting ?

3 Answers

I told firstly i ll try to solve the issue at my end. If it wont work then i ll take the support of my seniors.

I'm trying to figure out the cause of the problem and solve it

Initially, I'll allow them to have a heated argument and I shall be very attentive to their words; this will allow me to get to know the reason behind the conflict . At the same time I'll be careful that they do not abuse each other physically,in which case I'll have to interfere.Once i get to know the reason behind the conflict I'll try to solve it with prudence and geniality. ( The details of conflict management is beyond the scope of this limited space.)

To conduct weekly meetings of heads of the institutions & Overall Administration of JSPM’s

1 Answer

How do you handle stress..

1 Answer

handing both department admin and sales coordinator

2 Answers

Why are grades so contradictory in Graduation and Post-Graduation? No technical questions asked.

What do u know abt derivatives ?

1 Answer

explain trms

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What do you consider most in your life? Honesty or making your way to the top?

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How to estimate budget and how to control?

Tell us about the projects you have worked on.

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