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How will you bring change in the organisation without creating turbulance

4 Answers

Make a good case study, take a buyin from the top management, make presentations to the management team and concerned officers. Ask their opinion, make changes whereever necessary. Then implement it

what a dumb question and what a dumb answer.. its like asking Q: How well would you obey us? A: Sir, 100%

why is this dumb

How will you deal with your juniors of you caught them fighting ?

3 Answers

In the case study, there was a question about a acquisition of another company, the question was, say you are the CEO of the plant, if the acquisition happens,if the acquisition does not happen, what will you do about the plant? will you shut it down because of its problems, or will you try to revive it....if you decide to revive it, how would you do it? I found this one tough because as per the case study, the plant had hell lot of problems.

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why do you want to take a job with indian airforce knowing the risk involved.

3 Answers

They ask difficutl questions, but this is not a matter

2 Answers

Describe how to calculate Provident Fund?

2 Answers

Why should we select only you

3 Answers

My BE related questions

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself?

3 Answers

ITIL process

2 Answers
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