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Ultimate Medical Academy
Admissions Advisor was asked...12 March 2015

Doesn't make a difference. Just as long as the answer is super duper cutesy wutesy & ends with the fact that you're willing to sell water to a whale.

4 Answers

Obviously didn't matter. If you're the type of person described above (or can pretend to be) you may have a shot @ the Florida Ave, Busch Blvd location. If you're more of the serious, professional type, try the corporate location near the TB Bucs training facility by MLK. Less

I really hope you do not work at UMA. This comment about the building on MLK being more "professional" was completely inappropriate and made me feel sorry for you. I work in admissions, I'm definitely not overly enthusiastic, and I don't participate in "silly games." To the person who wrote this post, you have a complete misconception of the admissions department. Yes, it can get loud. Yes, some of the people who work here are subpar. However, I can't think of anywhere else someone can get hired, NONCOMMISSION based, and make as much money as the people in admissions. If you do well in admissions, you will advance quickly. I'm sorry you're bitter about not being hired, but this review was based on your bias of not being hired. Less

Receiving this message is actually a favor. Thank you for not hiring me b/c this response confirms I wouldn't be happy there. Concentrate on what you do rather than my opinion. Less

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Baker College

What was my work experience? What was the customer service background?

2 Answers

I used several personal experiences I have had that applied my customer service skills Less

I worked for baker college in admissions many years ago. I truly wish you good luck and very much hope they’ve changed there ways! I was at the the Clinton Township location and it was the worst place I’ve ever worked. I know the director than has now been fired; however, if they’ve not done anything from the top down (flint), then beware and watch your back! It was the most malicious environment I’ve ever worked in. They hire two to three advisors and typically will terminate at least one the first month, you will have to memorize an exact skit and say it word for word with grueling reprimand if you make a mistake, they will tell you how they own you, brow beat you ruthlessly, deny use of most vacation time, in training they will tell you repeatedly how you’ll be fired, your attire will be criticized often, they force you to tap record meetings and phone conversations- without telling the prospective students, they expect you to lie to prospects, and stab any coworker in the back. Even if the boss pretends to be your friend- BEWARE! Take care of yourself! If it is Clinton Twp. Then I believe Louie is the acting director now- he was a decent guy when I was there, but if things haven’t changed from the top, then just be prepared. I have worked In various types of sales, marketing, management, customer service, and own my own fitness business- THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER WORKED. READ YOUR HR MANUAL FRONT AND BACK! I stayed one year and left. If you do ever decide to leave I suggest you put in writing everything you want to be paid out for, have your office cleared out already, give your two week notice, and make sure you immediately email it to the head of HR in flint. If you leave or are fired they will treat you as a criminal if you don’t cover your butt. I knew all of this when I left so I made sure to do everything I listed. Less

Marinello Schools of Beauty

"Can you be on the phone all day?" Yes, I was really asked that question.

2 Answers

I said, YES

yes i love being on the phone.

Keller Graduate School of Management

I was asked to role play a phone conversation with a potential student.....a tad nerve-wracking but I did well. I can see how they need to hear how you sound on the phone and if you can think quickly on your feet. A potential student will come up with 100 excuses not to start but you need to keep reminding the WHY thy want to go back to school : ie. More money, Career Change, Help Family, Personal Goal.

1 Answers

Tried to overcome obstacles the "fake" student was giving me. I can see how they need to hear how you sound on the phone and if you can think quickly on your feet. Less

What makes you a good choice for admissions advisor

1 Answers

I am the best person for the job because I care about people and like helping others achieve their goals Less

Westwood College

What do you think will be your biggest challenge in this position?

1 Answers

The commute

Kaplan University

what has been your biggest dissappointment in business

1 Answers

my number one competitor bought out my largest customer

Envision Experience

Background, previous experience. Why did I leave previous job

1 Answers

Gave them the truth of my history and previous work experience.

Heald College

do you know the difference between empathy and sympathy?

1 Answers

Empathy helps, sympathy hurts individuals

American Intercontinental University

Why do you want to be an advisor? Why did you leave your other jobs? What experience do you have?

1 Answers

Talked about my sales experience and how much experience I have working with the public. Less

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