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Suppose there are many team members who are unhappy with the role they are assigned and want to change roles. However, the current requirements am require them to continue performing their current roles? How would you handle such a situation?

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i gave them friendly envirmnt and i also work them with like friend so that they do their role very justice fully

Motivate them to a perform their task to a particular time untill they are intrested or provide an oppurrtunity that the top most performer will be rewarded with their desired roles.

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"What are the different methods of Inventory Valuation and how do you prepare them?"

3 Answers

1. How will you print the binary form of an integer. 2. How to reverse a string.

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Start from your previous projects

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The questions were focused on eliciting my perceptions on complex issues faced by growing ventures int he emerging markets and the way to solve them.

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Difference between levered and unlevered cash flows

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Basic understanding on technologies which is based on technologies and requirements

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Technical mainly

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When request reach to server, how server pass request to particular instance or server node.

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