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Java is pass by value or pass by ref?

5 Answers

pass by value

C++, Java is pass by reference. C is pass by value.

Java is pass by value...

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pratical test-one java program to be done in 1 hour

2 Answers

Nothing only test paper

2 Answers

what is your hobby tell me something about your self?

1 Answer

Swap 2 numbers without using third variable.

1 Answer

Second highest salary with SQL?

1 Answer

What is lambda expression

1 Answer

How hashmap internally works, followed by counter questions on why hashcode is required, user define key in hashmap

1 Answer

1)what is abstract? 2)Abstract vs Interface? 3)Is it neccesary to create abstract method if class is already abstract? 4)Deep question about inheritance, like-which class implement which interface....?

1 Answer

write the program that return duplicate words from given string.

1 Answer
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