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Basic and Deep Questions regarding the profile/job. i.e. - Interface -MVC Life Cycle - Viewbag / Tempdata/viewdata - Best practise for development - Logical and tricky question (Maths/Opps/Javascript/Sql Query)

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- I have worked on the most of the question in my experience so its easy for me to answer. - Got confused and gave wrong answer in Logical/tricky question but some what i was right so got selected.

What they ask in practical round?

are you able to work with huge database and queries?

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1. APTITUDE + English Easy question Profit loss, Discount, Time and work. 2. Face 2 Face Interview Question Mostly Basic question on .net 3. Practical Practical was on CRUD operation

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basic question for .net framework and database

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What is managed and Unmanaged code?

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oops concepts, gridview, sql server basics and advanced questions

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It was mainly technical interview which lasted for about 45 minutes.

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If i want to implement XYZ in SharePoint how can i ?explain the procedure?

Say something about yourself? Why you selected .Net as a career? Difference of WCF and WPF working? etc

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