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Analog design engineer Interview Questions


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Sketch the voltage across a capacitor when charged by a constant current source

2 Answers

I answered the question along with the diagram and explained in detail

v(t)=integral i(t) if the current source is constant then the voltage will increase linearly.

brief overview of intel processors

1 Answer

The interview was a very good coverage from analog to digital with signal and systems. The topics where well spread and yet deep.

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Questions related to Circuit Theory, Analog electronics

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Tell me a bjt-circuit which acts as a buffer? Explain How?

1 Answer

although it seems easy ,they try to twist RLC transients questions

1 Answer

Interview was 45 mins long in that time they asked questions like basics of R L C network and Mos , op amps. The question was not that much difficult which they asked in the written exam but one should be very good at his/her basic concepts.

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basics of BJT, MOS, op-amps Resistor network

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analog design basics such as amplifiers and opamps. knowledge of capacitors is a must

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Draw current and voltage graphs of various nodes in different current mirror circuits.

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