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Analyste Financier Interview Questions


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Tell me about the role of mortgage analyst or how they work.

6 Answers

How can one answer without having exp. in that field You can say whatever they have mentioned in the work profile

YOUR EXPERIENCE IS REALLY GOOD........& ITS GOOD THAT U HAV NARATTED HERE,......ITS REALLY HELPFUL................,can i get ur ur email id?

u can mail me at

Formulas for calculation of various margins and mortgages from case study

4 Answers

Questions are generally basic and related to previous work experience.

2 Answers

what is your name ?

5 Answers

What are your strengths

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Could you join in tomorrow?

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What is defered tax? What is Minority shares? Questions related to EBIT What is PE ratio Diluted EPS EBITDA In which sectors EBITDA is very important factor? Operational profit Cash flow Operations round. - Tough one. You need to have all detailed knowledge of financial concepts. Discounted Cash Flow, free cash flow, few ratios, EBIT, EBITDA, sector knowledge.

1 Answer

How the Reserve Bank controls INFLATION by adjusting interest rates.

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What are derivatives, difference between OTC and exchange traded ones.

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Why did you select bangalore for job

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