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Technical: Tell me about yourself? C programming asked to write OPPS concepts Data structures(stack and Queue with real time examples) C and Java difference Mysql and query Hr Question: Where do you see after five years? Scenario: In a team 4 members project has to deliver with in 40hrs my team member is left the group and what you do for submission your project on time? Managerial Questions: About your self in brief manner Family background Goals Higher studies My weakness My achivements

Total 5 rounds. EPT (English Grammar Test), Communication round, SQL Test, HM Round and final HR Round. 1st round is Online exam where they check you English Grammar and 2nd round is communication(They will give you topic and you have to talk on same topic for atleat 2 min.) SQL Test: Very basic question : What is a primary key?, What is a foreign key?, What are the types of join and explain each?, What is a stored procedure? and some basic queries. HM Round: Some technical questions and your past experience, reason for leave old company.

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PLSQL :- Package, funcion. proceduere, collections in plsql, exceptions, how to use triggers, mutating errors, how to solve mutating errors Java : OOPS related quesitons R12 : basics of modules