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What are the steps in Consolidation of Financial Statements

4 Answers

Preparation of Chart of Accounts and Synchronizing the Accounting policies of the group companies.

Showing the video depends on the situation, however, it doesn't matter to recruit an employee. Of course, there will be a person to monitor and control in any organization. Focus on our duties rather than condemning others. All the best...!!

Dear Mr. Consultant, I can sense the burning from your comment. I expressed my view and it is none of your business to ask me to focus on my duties. That doesn't change the fact how bad your company is. And of course regarding the Video, I haven't said anything wrong, I just expressed my opinion. You comment itself suggests the way you treat the employees feedback in your company. And May god bless the people working in your Nalsoft.

Basic Journal Entries

2 Answers

Technical questions on Linux , Shell scripting and other tools

1 Answer

Basic oracle apps technical questions seems interviewer is also having 4 years of he himself is not able to ask good questions ....

1 Answer

Technical challenges I have faced during my experience prior to Zensar

1 Answer

Questions related to your tech skills only

1 Answer

a question about dual currency deposit pricing

1 Answer

how were your acads ? why were they so poor or average ?

1 Answer

The coding challenge that I got was on the lines of seeking natural text as input and processing instructions based on the context.

1 Answer

After I got the contract, I was asked are you happy with the offer?

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