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Tell me a palindrome date before 10-02-2001 (mm-dd-yyyy)

7 Answers

i got it to be in the 14 th century ...



Write a Java program to count the number of occurances of each number in a series of numbers.

5 Answers

Different kinds of trigger.

2 Answers

I really prepared well in java covering core,servlet,jsp,struts,spring,hibernate,jsf,build tools etc but questions they asked reverse a string !!

2 Answers

Stone is thrown on still water. Simulate the situation

2 Answers

Is the UI design necessary for mobile apps developer?

1 Answer

There were questions on how you would handle a particular situation in the company. Say for example many leave your team seeking a better job.

1 Answer

question on linked-list was to delete the node in singly linked list. Second one was to get the middle node of the linked list

1 Answer

Join strategies in Teradata, indexes and architecture. Also sql based questions were asked.

1 Answer

1) How many apps I can create in a month? 2) How long I can stay in the office? 3) Am I able to sign a 1 year Bond with the company? 4) What is my salary expectation? 5) Can you work less than that with additional benefit of bonus of 2,000 every 1 year?

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