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You have 2 light bulbs. You are in multistory building such that if you drop a bulb from a floor of a certain height or higher the bulb will break: for ex: if the bulb will break at a minimum height of 10th floor, then the bulb will break if dropped only if dropped from a floor higher than tenth floor. it will not break if dropped from ninth floor or less. using the two bulbs how will you figure out at which floor will the bulb break?

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Keep going from floor to floor starting from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on.....the first bulb will break at the threshold. So you basically don't even need the second bulb to decide which is the critical floor.

I forgot to mention that you have to try to figure out the floor in the least amount of tries. so incase the minimum floor is 100, you shouldn't try all the floors. The solution posted above works, but is the least efficient.

With 2 bulbs we can skip 3 floors at a time. 1) Drop bulb #1 at floor x 2) If it breaks then try floor x-1 else try floor x+3 Start with floor 1.

If a 10 kgs silver ball and a 1000 kgs silver ball is dropped from a height of 2 kms which will touch the floor first ?

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What is your weakness?

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wat is input resistance in inverting amplifier with op-amp looking into the terminals of op-amp

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You have a 3 litre container & a 5 litre container filled with water to the brim.You also have a 5 litre container which is empty.How would you extarct or make an exact amount of 4 litres of water in any of the containers. You are not allowed to throw the water outside the containers. You can transfer the water from 1 Container to the other.

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Explain the 3 way hand shaking protocol in TCP/IP

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Scenario based solutions; Performance tuning; Basic questions; like which index you create in which scenario and why? explain and counter questions like what will happen if we create X type of index instead of Y type.

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Java - HashMap, ArrayList, Strings related Programs

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How do you define clocks for pulse ( not a clock ) that is generated at a particular interval w.r.t to another clock

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Question asked were related to current technology and about process . some ITIL standard question from manager were asked.

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