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they asked me to solve 178 questions and i did and got selected , most question is related about how to handle team and distributions networks

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i have used my past experience and i applied it to solve the questions

I'd Like to understand what needs to be done with the questionnaires. Do we need to fill them up before reporting for the training.

send you are number brother

Why do I wish to join pharma sector

2 Answers

Job description and how will you manage new product in other state. Strengths and weakness, family background.

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Are you ready for this challenging role?

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The market is so compitative?

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In sales or Marketing one should be prepare about ROI working module.

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Details about past experience

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mainly about the rival companies. they will check our confidence

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Why Swiggy.?

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why I wanted to learn about sales and marketing. It was not just a few word answer because they went into detail about my future business and professional goals to make sure they matched what they were looking for. They went in depth about finding my motivation and drive for success

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