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AREA SALES MANAGER was asked...10 January 2017

they asked me to solve 178 questions and i did and got selected , most question is related about how to handle team and distributions networks

4 Answers

I'd Like to understand what needs to be done with the questionnaires. Do we need to fill them up before reporting for the training. Less

send you are number brother

Don't accept offer from Miric.. It's a fraud company.. They won't pay salary.. Go through reviews of Miric in glassdoor.. Less

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Moka (Indonesia)

what is your previous job? explain

6 Answers

Manage People, distributor and market

Job Desk : .. Tugas utama di bagi menjadi 2 poin penting : ... 1. Planing Target dan step achievment the goal Plan target base on last month achievment atau average pencapaian 3 bulan terakhir dan ditambahkan 10% s/d 15% kenaikan. Step achievment the goal : ... First week : ... buat jadwal scedul stay (HA) Health Advisor dan scedul visiting (AM) Area Manager. Share listing produk by categori fash, midle atau slow, base on 3 bulan sales sebelumnya. HA fokus di sales dan wajib ikut training produk knowledge. AM visiting outlet bermasalah atau outlet di bawah rata-rata AM cek incoming produk di transporter. Second week : ... HA fokus di sales outlet dan mulai siapkan list produk untuk repeat order. AM masuh kunjungi outlet bermasalah dan mendiskusikan problem solving dengan saya. AM tetap pantau incoming produk di tranporter Thrid week : ... AM dan HA bekerja sama untuk menaikkan sales di outlet, dan negosiasikan varian produk. AM sudah punya estimasi achievment outlet, berapa yang naik dan berapa yang akan turun dan melakukan diskusi apa yang harus dilakukan, misal: tambahan jam stay di outlet, negosiasi overdue, buat list produk fokus untuk outlet, atau negosiasi karena kekecewaaan pemilik outlet, biasanya karena barang lama datang atau karena claim reward. Last week : ... Menjaga outlet yang estimasi naik agar tetap stay on the trek. Eksekusi atas keputusan hasil diskusi di third week. Pastikan setiap outlet mendapatkan program level nya, sehingga pemilik outlet mendapatkan reward , cash back or more discont. HA tetap push sales untuk menangkap sales konsumen yang mendapat salary akhir bulan, sebagian besar PNS atau karyawan BUMN ato mungkin sebagian karyawan swasta. Poin jobs desk "pastikan semua personil team berproduktifitas dan semua berkerjasama dalam achievment the goal. 2. Operational Controling. Personil controling : setiap personil kirim share live location, atau saya melakukan video call untuk mengetahui di mana personil berada atau bisa juga make a call with owner apotek untuk mengetahui kapan terakhir personil saya visiting. Supply chain controling : ... Pastikan proses dari repeat order berjalan lancar, mulai dari Order sampai proses akhir menjadi picking list (PL) dan barang tiba di outlet. Mengetahui status barang secara program sistem aplikasi (apakah berlanjut atau dicancel atau menunggu ketersedian produk) atau sudah di packing warehouse atau di transporter dlm pengiriman ataupun sudah di terima apotek. Saya melakukan pengecekan di sistem untuk status di Office dan team cek status di lapangan. Laporan status selalu saya kirim setiap hari (pagi hari) Standar Operational Procedur (SOP) : ... Pastikan semua kegiatan personil sesuai dengan SOP PT. Pharos Indonesia. Setiap kesalahan karena kelalain bertindak tidak sesuai SOP akan mendapatkan punisment, dari surat peringatan atau PHK jika besar negatif bagi perusahaan atas tindakan tersebut. Less

Basically I’m working in the hospitality but not only giving the service to the customer I’m also selling the product which is devide by low cost and high cost item. It helps the company to raise the target, even sometimes I missed the target but at least I never pushed the customers to reach our target and we want make them satisfied for what they need Less

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Why do I wish to join pharma sector

2 Answers

- anti-recessionary - family history

Have knowledge and interest in pharmaceuticals Industry

Bajaj Finance

Job description and how will you manage new product in other state. Strengths and weakness, family background.

3 Answers

Did my homework well before attending interview , so got through easily.




What was your previous achievement figure and salary figure.

3 Answers

You have asked two secret question.... only HR Jaquar can answer


No sir

Tableau Software

If 6 months from now I offered you $2,500 or SAM of the quarter, which would you take and why?

3 Answers

Hiring managers are trying to ascertain if you are there for the long haul or (ie. want the respect of your peers) or just there for the $. Less

Hate to admit it but I do not know what SAM stands for?

SAM, because I am in it for the long hall and would like to gain the respect of my peers first before money Less

General Motors (GM)

Why do you want to work for this particular company? Their looking for passionate people to join the industry; if you don't like cars don’t bother to interview because you will be found out very quickly.

2 Answers

do you think all my freind care me sick vertigo,askhole,,,,,,,,,,,

Because I've been a gear head all my life; built my own hot rod at 18.

L&T Financial Services

Are you ready for this challenging role?

3 Answers




Gitanjali Gems

The market is so compitative?

2 Answers

In this case co requaired market segmentation and look some more potential area also search for pin hole strtegies. Less

To stay in this market the co. requires to look at the key areas and the potential customers to whom they can afford to give additional benefits.Its not very difficult to survive in the market just need an attitude and planning to succeed. Less

Bajaj Electricals

In sales or Marketing one should be prepare about ROI working module.

1 Answers

In both one should be prepare about ROI. but in sales it's compulsory because sales is purely profit base whereas in marketing customer satisfaction play a vital role Less

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