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Why u want to join?

4 Answers

I feel with heart and what was true I said

Por que eu amo imaginar, inventar e expor ideias que eu acho que pode se tornar fato, mas não sou formado em nada, apenas no ensino médio, fiz curso de informática online, e também um curso de assistente de vendas...

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Well Industry standard

1 Answer

My strengths in my particular field ?

1 Answer

They asked about my work experience. and also asked me to explain the work that I have done

1 Answer

Why do you wanna work with us?

1 Answer

about previous companies, work, reference, assignment

1 Answer

Where did you get to know about JWT?

1 Answer

they wanted to bargain on my previous CTC...

1 Answer

No specific question that I can remember. It was more like a conversation where we spoke about work.

1 Answer

Why do you want this job?

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