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Artificial Intelligence and Control Engineer was asked...20 May 2014

never got to even a phone interview

1 Answers

not applicable

What was your inspiration for pursuing AI

1 Answers

I love the elegance of the field.

Sypron Solutions

questions about machine learning techniques and the difference between them

1 Answers

i answered about 90% about their questions and delivered them a machine learning task Less


Why do you choose the BDC ?

1 Answers

I've a lot of professional experience, I worked on multiple artificial intelligence projects and products. After my long career of working for multiple organizations (startups, big companies), I'd like to join a stable organization like the BDC and help for applying artificial intelligence and bring business value. Less


What was your favorite class that you've taken?

1 Answers

I answered philosophy because it gave me a different approach to solving problems Less


During technical interview: What are the domains of Machine Learning? What do you know about Statistical Learning Theory? Why are you interested in Deep Learning (I had applied for Deep Learning vacancy)? What are SVMs (he spent a lot of time on SVMs)? Why are they better than NNs and why are they worse? What is Backpropagation in NNs? Why is Deep Learning emerging only now? What are types of NNs? What is the difference in backprop between RNN and ANN? Do you know OOP? What is inheritance? What is multiple inheritance? What are its problems and how do you solve it? Are you familiar with Scrum?

1 Answers

I answered each as appropriate. My knowledge in SVMs was pretty limited, but I was able to answer everything about NNs and OOP etc. I have only limited knowledge in Statistical Learning Theory as well. Less


Detail your background

1 Answers

Giving a little more information about the resume and the cover letter previously submitted. Less


A business case in which you had to implement stacks data structure in C

1 Answers

how would you shuffle a list in python with the same probability for any of the possible lists to occur Less

J.P. Morgan

to write an Avogadro fruit code of price using for loop

1 Answers

I try using the method I understand which i guess didn't work out


What are my strengths and weaknesses.

1 Answers

I answered it honestly.

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