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The question about Super constructor? He Showed me a scenario where there was super constructor overloaded and asked the scenario where the call to super will fail?

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There was a secret party where all the guest got to tell the password to enter. A Person who was not invited started observing for the password. A person knock the door and a sound came "six" the person replied "three" and let in. Other person knocked the door a sound came "twelve" person replied "Six" and let in. than the person who was observing knocked the door a sound came "ten" the man replied "five" still he was not in. What he must have told to get in.

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The first question was about why JAVA and not any else Language ?

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Interview for legal team member was so tough to crack. I was blank on some of question those were unexpected but during the process. They started rapid fire round where they wont leave you unspoken for a moment even. But they will give you plenty of time afterward and ask to share your experience in details and your outlook towards a life in general. You have to be intelligent enough to speak with many people at once.

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What rating you got previously .

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Technical & Functional questions about my experience and technology

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I applied for JavaScript so, Js related question only or they can give you some real time problem and you have to hand over the solution.

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