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Assistant Director Finance was asked...31 August 2015

If required to be a team member in a team composed of persons younger in age and also lesser experienced than yourself, including the team leader, how would you go about ensuring positive contributions to the team's output?

1 Answers

I happen to have worked in precisely such situations during my stints at systems and software developing outfits, where as a subject matter expert I was a team member but the leads and assistant leads were all software pros, but younger to me. My approach in such a situation is to first provide inputs whenever the team asked for it, in a manner that did not appear as if I was talking to junior people, but on an equal level with them, and to not overstep the mark with too much advise, etc. Secondly, it is important to respect the person in the top post even if younger and lesser experienced but don’t overdo this also. Third, be positively involved with the group, see how the project was progressing and contribute without being asked to prevent delays/embarrassments, etc., do your best to ensure all targets were met proactively, and most importantly share with them all successes, including going out to enjoy on positive outcomes, etc. Be sure to feel and to be seen as a part of the team, always! Less

Auberge Resorts

They will ask you for compensation expectation immediately for Telluride.

1 Answers

Shoot high and stay high, due to seasonal nature it will end up being only 2/3 of what you ask for and they will make you work 12+ day degrading your worth. Less

Marriott International

Describe a decision you made at work that you regret

1 Answers

All behavioral questions

PRA Group

Name your strengths and weaknesses. Would you be able to take this position and make it work for Finance and HR? Sine this is a new position that the company is taking on?

1 Answers

I named them but, I think it's an unfair question because there was no follow up question about how to overcome and get stronger. The answer is YES since I've done it before. Less

Omni Hotels

Since you do not have hotel industry experience, you would not be a good fit for the position. You are overqualified for the lower positions and would likely get bored. What do you think?

1 Answers

Being in the hotel industry has been a desire of mine for many years, so I believe being within the environment would be very enjoyable. Also, I find great enjoyment in my volunteer activities which would offset any concerns about being overqualified. Less

Harris Lord Group

Tell us about yourself

1 Answers

As already mentioned I already knew the other MD so it was a case of her getting to know me and me finding out about the job. Less


What were some of the responsibilities you had in your previous role_

1 Answers

Outlined all of the areas covered in my job description and any additional tasks carried out for management Less


Describle the past experience of accounting procedures. How to supervise the accounting staffs.

1 Answers

Briefly mention how to deal with daily accounting jobs and handle the staffs

FRHI Hotels & Resorts

What's ur prior experience

1 Answers



How do I learn. Basically, are you self motivated or do you need someone to push you.

1 Answers

Self confident and motivated

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