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How good is your language skill

3 Answers


I currently working in Digicaptions as an editor and i do believe that my english language skills are flawless especially after living abroad for 3 years in 3 different countries

I am currently working *

Normal Questions- Tell me something about yourself? What do you know about journal department? Tell me something about your project work?

1 Answer

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

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Written test

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tell about yourself and little bit about your background

1 Answer

Name a strength and a weakness that you have

1 Answer

why should we hire you

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This role will be challenging, how long will you persist? These are unfamiliar territories, etc. basically the role of these questions is to check if you will run away at the first sign of adversity. Instead you must be courageous and reply in the affirmative without flinching.

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1) Why you want to join The Dollar Business / Vimbri Media 2) Why to want leave your current organisation 3) What do you know about foreign trade, import & export 4) Write a 500-1000 word piece on any topic related to foreign trade, import & export

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whats your current job? Profile? etc

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