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What will you do when your girl friend is getting married on the same day as a important client meeting?

9 Answers

i will do marriage first because meeting may be postpond or prepaid but marriage date not come again again.

right man

right man

Q1. Print the 1st and 100th element of Fibonacci series together, 2nd and 99th element and so on. Q2. Print the following pattern 1 2 4 3 6 9 4 8 12 16 5 10 15 20 25. (Condition was using one for loop)

8 Answers

are you able to live in Andheri on rent with salary 8000 ?

7 Answers

nothing as such but you need satisfy them for your ability in IT.

3 Answers

What are your weeknesses?

3 Answers

What will you do if your team mate had an accident and you have to submit the assignment ofter two days.

4 Answers

I attend Delgence Technology interview.Before I enter into interview room I was little scared.When Interviewer told me take a seat and told relax.He always tried to make the circumstances comfortable.He asked me basic question like Introduce yourself, What is difference between c and java,What is difference between Abstract class and Interface e.t.c. 7 days later I got my result that I'm shortlisted for Delgence Technology Pvt. Ltd.

3 Answers

Personal questions, technical about the education you mastered. GD can be one procedure

3 Answers

Are you comfortable with all work location

3 Answers

what do know about tcs ?

1 Answer
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