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Where do you see after 5 years?

8 Answers

I wii become vice presidents

after 5 years, i will get the maximum whatever u provide in 5 years.....

After 5 years i may be in your position

Q1. Print the 1st and 100th element of Fibonacci series together, 2nd and 99th element and so on. Q2. Print the following pattern 1 2 4 3 6 9 4 8 12 16 5 10 15 20 25. (Condition was using one for loop)

8 Answers

are you able to live in Andheri on rent with salary 8000 ?

7 Answers

Tell me about yourself?

6 Answers

How will you convince people if they say no, we dont need your relatives or friends account. We need solid business.

4 Answers

Tell me about your Hobbies and intrest

6 Answers

Why u are coming to join reliance.

4 Answers

Some maths questions and Situation based questions with Client, as to check how would you be able to deal with some situations when handling a team.

4 Answers

What are your weeknesses?

3 Answers

Are you ready to join........................................where are you working now,

4 Answers
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