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In case of floods, the funds given to farmers as loan are not being re-payed. How should the bank as a financial institution react to this crisis.

4 Answers

The bank should take this opportunity to help the farmers this year and show the case as a CSR activity and try to recover the funds in the following years.

The bank should first send notice to farmers about their re-payment of bank loan and give certain amount to pay the loan at every year.

Banks need to help them in investing for the next season and try to recover out of it.

Why do you want to switch your Job ?

1 Answer

Details about engineering project, Why banking after engineering.

1 Answer

It was a simple interview with questions like take us through your CV or talk about yourself and your family background.

The questions were pretty easy and commonly Are you open to relocation?Strengths and weakness? if you get operations role are you ok with the monotonous work...etc

Repo rates, Case studies, economics questions

What do you know about Sox compliance?

1 Answer

case study where there is no solution still need to give a recommendation.

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