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What will you do when your girl friend is getting married on the same day as a important client meeting?

7 Answers

i will do marriage first because meeting may be postpond or prepaid but marriage date not come again again.

right man

right man

What will you do if your team mate had an accident and you have to submit the assignment ofter two days.

4 Answers

nothing as such but you need satisfy them for your ability in IT.

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This was probably unexpected than difficult , the question was, "If you were on a trek/tour in a remote place and you were separated from your group and there is no way of communicating with them or tracking them, what would you do"?

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I was not prepared for the last question "Any questions about TCS?" In technical category he asked me: - about Linux and how is it different from other OSs. - what do I know about open source - which one would I select for critical part of the program (open source or closed source) - write a secure code in PHP (I mentioned PHP in resume) - if I know SQL/ DB In non-tech question: - about my home place

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Tell me about your latest project.

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Find out the error in a program.

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Sometimes the questions asked in personal interviews may be unusual and comic. But a task given is a task to be achieved. For example my friend was asked to iterate alphabets in reverse order. Z - A Take it seriously and don't insult the HR person by laughing on question

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Company's Previous Tagline

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Explain the basic concepts of communication engineering.

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