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How many friends or family member are Employed with HDFC Family?

1 Answer

zero family member & more than 50 friends

Why did you choose us?

1 Answer

Can you share a document from a current org masking customer name to show case your work..

1 Answer

How much value I can add in Hiring Partners

1 Answer

Behavioral Questions - how would you handle a situation where there is a big client issue and you need to let the onshore Executives know about it Tell me about yourself You are not from Finance background - your experience is all on communications - how can you be a fit here?

1 Answer

Are you ready to change your role ?

3 Answers

None as I could answer all.

1 Answer

show many to many relation using one table

1 Answer

For a CFD approach how would you calculate interface heat transfer coefficient for a perfectly insulated container?

1 Answer
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