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question regarding market share. If a company product sell is increasing is that possible that the market share may decrease if yes then how?? Elaborate it.

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What is the future between native apps and web-apps or Hybrid apps

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How will you measure the stability of an company and quantitative skills were also tested in this process. More focus was on the technical side of the candidate so that they could find his skils .

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basic Algorithms used in data science like different regression and classification algorithms. Their applications in real world.

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Case Study: If you want to go to a venture capitalist and ask for a loan for a new product in your business, what exactly will be the parameters/figures that you will give in a single page to convince?

What was the day in and day out job in the previous Org

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have you ever thought of jumping from 15mtr height?

Simple quetsions related to your interest and skills

1. Tell us about software Testing in brief.

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