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All rounds focused on project management and BA experience and success and failure questions.All rounds more or less asked about projects I had worked on and previous experience. Face to face round was interesting and more behavioral questions than testing of domain knowledge.Had to prepare a prototype design and workflow to explain some of the challenges faced in solving solution design problems.

How would you develop an application for an hospital to help the incoming patients ?

Financial Ratios and Identifying Strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of a given small case study

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Brief discussion about the projects that I have done so far. Asked some SQL problems and Tableau related questions?

Why do you want to join Salesforce and why this team?

Tell about a difficult situation you faced and how you dealt it?

Could you take me through my profile?

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After a purchase of commodity is done by a trader, what is the next process?

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Assuming you are a software developer, how would you test a newly created software?

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