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How do u handle an abusive client?

4 Answers

I will apply the procedure LAST. L- LISTEN the client carefully, to understand wt his/her problem is? A- APOLOGIES ,then i apologies him for the difficulties which he had faced with our services S- SATISFACTION, then i will make him/her satisfy by providing the solution of the problem T- THANKS, at the end will say thanks to client for giving me a chance to serve himself

simple process said in long or operational way... but nice one... but what to say still depends on client...

Hi, can you please post all of your interview questions??? Thanks...

Number Series : 1 6 12 13 19 _

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What do you know about PLM??

2 Answers

Basically skill based questions

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What will you do if you want to motivate a person who is leaving your company and you are given a job to retain him/her ?

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My G.D. topic was unexpected. It was "Who is more powerful, Salman Khan or Anna Hazare?"

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Tricky Puzzles

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Design program to find appropriate location for fire-station in a small city, given location of all houses.

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What is latest exchange server?

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What is BSG and why do you want to make you career in this industry only?

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