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Associate Customer Success Manager was asked...20 April 2016

Tell me what our product does.

1 Answers

AppFolio builds property management software that helps property managers manage their properties. Less


How do you find motivation in life?

1 Answers

I talked about my family and friends. I also elaborated on my values and my goals. Less


Tell me about Glassdoor's product.

1 Answers

Apparently my answer was not what they were looking for, so here's the gist so you won't make the same mistake. I identified what I saw as three sub-products. Glassdoor's community based job search site, the advertising, and the analysis tools. I discussed each one and talked about how they were connected. Less


Basic CSM questions.. like how will you handled the some specific scenario.

1 Answers

Explain about how you did it in your organization with your role and client role


Why do you want the position

1 Answers

To enhance my skills and experience to showing growth towards organization and my self too Less


Name a time where you had a disagreement with a colleague at work and how did you handle it?

1 Answers



Tell me about yourself, your previous position, what you know about Glassdoor, why you fit the role and the company. (Single prompt)

1 Answers

Each question would not be difficult. Asked as a single prompt, it was pretty difficult to gauge my timing and response. Less


Behavioral questions mostly.

1 Answers

Answer with situations in your experience that’s show critical thinking and leadership communication skills Less


What is something you have done to improve a work process? Tell me about yourself. Why DigitalOcean, why this position? What leadership style do you react best to? What has been your biggest achievement at work?


Some general why you want to work with Lokalise etc? What draws you to the role..salary expectations. Cultural fit was more relaxed and fun, getting to know your personality and also asked some situational questions eg tell us about a time you messed up what did you do? etc

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