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1. Tell us about yourself. 2. Let's discuss last 3 of the projects you have worked on. 3. What was the architecture like? Draw the architecture layers (or just blocks) and specify the corresponding technologies used to implement them. Grilled completely on this question. 4. Some standard Java questions like "how does a HashMap work", "Java synchronization mechanisms including CyclicBarrier and CountdownLatch" 5. Last 4-5 minutes were kept for the candidate to ask questions. Total interview duration - 1 hour 15 minutes. Verdict - No offer

difference between aws and azure and options . which is good among this

Pat experience, approach - current and what could be done differently.

They asked me to solve a problem that required knowledge of complex DS Algorithms

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The questions on the business side was more on how will I start and grow the practice in the domain that I was recruited in. It was expected. What was surprising was the final round. Usually, HR round lasts very less time and is more of a formality. But here, I had a 45 minute interview and was asked about happiness, motivation and how I will gel well with the culture. I liked it because while it may sound trivial, if is important to get people who can gel well with the culture to maintain the DNA of the company.