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Legato Health Technologies
Associate Software Engineer was asked...17 June 2020

What is your dream job ?

9 Answers

have you received offer letter?

Which type of questions are asked in online test

my dream job is the one which gives me a passion to learn new things to the position in a company Less

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1st round was apti round then 2nd round was they give an question we have to write progamme to solve this one and also wrrite a flow chart for the same programme

6 Answers

i tried my best in 2nd round but i got rejected

Guys i had attend interview in march 2017 ..I cleared all round then HR told me wait mail or call did u tell me how much days I have to wait for result or anyone got offer letter or call..plz tell me Less

after how many monthes i could attain syntel again because attained in january 2nd. Less

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How do you see 5 years from now?

6 Answers

I would like to see myself donning one of the senior positions in organization contributing to technology as well as participating in business growth. Less


Because of sharing my knowledge and skills and improving them until I became an expert on the particular task or whatever job assigned to me, I see myself on a higher position within 5 years. Less

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UnitedHealth Group

The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...

6 Answers

This was interview was held on 22nd September,2013. They took about 3 days after the HR round to respond back. Less


i also gave hr interview on 22sep but havn't received their call till now. Does thi mean i am not selected??? or they will call me for 2nd batch after sometime??? any idea?? Less

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In Array find largest second number ?

5 Answers

Can,t we do sorting from largest to smallest give arr[1] which is of course second largest Less

It Took Time but Simple logic is needed.

Would be impressive to solve the general case... find the kth large number: create a minheap of size k, and for each element in the array, if that number is bigger than the top of the minheap, replace the top of the minheap with that number and recreate the minheap. Running time is O(nlgn). If you can have negative numbers, then you can easily modify this code. int findKthLargestNumber(int[] A, int k) { if (k minHeap[2*i+1]) { int temp = minHeap[i]; minHeap[i] = minHeap[2*i+1]; minHeap[ 2*i+1] = temp; i = 2*i+1; } else if (minHeap.length minHeap[2*i+2)]) { int temp = minHeap[i]; minHeap[i] = minHeap[2*i+2]; minHeap[ 2*i+2] = temp; i = 2*i+2; } else { done = true; } } Less

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Given a scale and an object that can way between 1 to 40 grams. What is the minimum number of counter weights that you can buy to weigh anything in the range of 1 to 40.

4 Answers

The answer is 6. counter weights of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 ,32

Can the answer also be 1, 3, 9, and 27. That means only 4 weights

Can the answer also be 1, 3, 9, and 27. That means only 4 weights

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There were no difficult questions.

4 Answers

Yes, he felt humiliated and he.s right. You don't get to tell somebody that such a certification is useless just cause some company doesn't have a use for it. Thats something you earn with many many hours of study and no one has the right to put you down for it. Less

thats good

Wait, you were “humiliated” because the manager gave you an honest answer that getting your SE is “useless” because we do very little work (some offices do none) which requires an SE stamp? Cry me a river! Less

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Given a string determine if it consist of valid concatenated words. "dogcatfish" --> true because it can be split int "dog","cat", and fish "dogecatfish" --> false

4 Answers

package glassdoor; import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.LinkedList; import java.util.List; import java.util.Set; /** * Suppose you have a dictionary that contains valid words. Given an input string with all spaces removed, determine whether the string is composed of valid words or not. You can assume the dictionary is a hashtable that provides O(1) lookup. Some examples: helloworld-> hello world (valid) isitniceinhere-> is it nice in here (valid) zxyy-> invalid */ public class SplitStringIntoWords { private Set dictionary = new HashSet(); public SplitStringIntoWords(Set dictionary) { this.dictionary = dictionary; } /* * method that checks if the string can be split into valid dictionary words */ public boolean isValid(String s) { String clone = new String(s); // a copy of the original string if(null == s || s.isEmpty()) return false; StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(""); int x = 0; while(x matchingWords = new LinkedList(); // adding to the list for(String d: dictionary) { if(d.startsWith(sb.toString())) { matchingWords.add(d); } } // if more than one word in dictionary starts with the sub string // find the longest length match that occurs in the given string // remove the selected match from the given string // set the StringBuilder to new and x to -1 // continue the process in the new (string with match removed) string int maxlenght = 0; String match = ""; for(String m : matchingWords) { if(clone.contains((CharSequence) m)) { if(m.length() > maxlenght) { maxlenght = m.length(); match = m; } } } s = s.replace(match, ""); sb = new StringBuilder(""); x = -1; } x++; } if(s.isEmpty() || s=="") { return true; } else { return false; } } public static void main(String[] args) { Set set = new HashSet(); set.add("hello"); set.add("world"); set.add("it"); set.add("is"); set.add("nice"); set.add("in"); set.add("here"); set.add("helloworld"); set.add("dog"); set.add("cat"); set.add("fish"); SplitStringIntoWords ssiw = new SplitStringIntoWords(set); System.out.println(ssiw.isValid("helloworld")); System.out.println(ssiw.isValid("isitniceinhere")); System.out.println(ssiw.isValid("dogcatfish")); System.out.println(ssiw.isValid("dogecatfish")); System.out.println(ssiw.isValid("wqewqe")); } } Less

the above solution is ok for small dictionary... it is not time or space efficient... typically this problem is solved using dynamic programming... for the purpose of the interview, I am not sure if the above is acceptable Less

DP is perfect solution for the above question. Normally, DP will be asked to optimize the solution of recursive one. Less

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Why the potholes have circular opening?

4 Answers

Because if its square, the lid can easily slip inside along the diagonal. length of diagonal is greater than side of square. Less

1. Easy to roll 2. comparison to other shapes, distributes weight along sides easily :) Less

Minimum surface area.

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Electronic Arts

Given 100 white marbles and 100 black marbles and two jaws. Put these marbles in the two jars in a way that would maximize the chance of retrieving a white marble from any given jaw.

4 Answers

Really that is what you would answer? What if they stirred the jars around after you distributed the marbles? Personally I think a better answer is to put 1 white marble in the first far and 99 white marbles and 100 black marbles in the second jar. If you choose the jar at random you now have a 74.87% chance of getting a white marble, regardless of the marbles position in the jar. Less

qq is right, that is the optimum combination.

2 colours, 2 jars. White in one, black in the other

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