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The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...

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In the aptitude round... we had two cut-offs.. one was sectional and the other was overall cut off. For this post be thoroughly prepared with C, C++, sql, DBMS, puzzles

Hi... i want to know about the date of this interview, and how much time they take to give response after HR round??

This was interview was held on 22nd September,2013. They took about 3 days after the HR round to respond back.

Questions were based on HDL programming, which was totally unexpected, considering that it was for a software position

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Wt is s/w testing??

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Round 1. There was totally 2 papers 1st consist Aptitude questions and on 2nd English was there. Both were easy only. Round 2. You need to take any topic and need to talk on that. Round 3. They have asked me lot of questions on testing. like SDLC,STLC, types of testing, types of models, elaborate each and every model and so many. Totally that round consist 30-45 min and she asked each and every thing to me on testing. Round 4: Same type of questions asked as round three but in this round i have written test scenarios for the given topics then he asked me so many reasoning questions after that he has given 4 puzzles and i have to solve each and every one.

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Tell me about your self

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Explain file handling

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None specific

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Write test case for working of lift?

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What’s your favourite subject and tell us about your weakness ?

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