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Associate Operations Manager was asked...16 January 2018

understanding of logistics industry from the perspective of a vehicle owner.

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Yes it's can do it

Load Mapping, Revenue and profit nos involved. This was like making an estimate of actual revenue, cost and profit/loss figures involved in a day to day transaction. Less


1. Tell me about yourself--answer should relate to the position/role 2. Expanded explanation on various roles/details on the resume--the walk through is to get a sense of your fit with role

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1. I'm continuing my job at KDS Logistics under ICD Operations last a yeat. Before joined at kds i enjoyed my work with Shipping Line more than 7 yrs in Operations. I'm fit for your company. Thanking from- G. M. Nurul Ameen 01816280798 Chittagong, Bangladesh Less


Several hypothetical questions of potential scenarios

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Honest and based on pass experience


What is your salary expectations?

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Wanted the amount I was being paid now.


Fav feature, not so fav feature, how would you test this or that. Essentially product related, had lot of fun answering them.

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The interviews were great brainstorming sessions. Felt like solving real product problems. Less

Procter & Gamble

Refer to SDS form, most of the questions will be from there. A couple of questions that might be asked that did not appear on SDS: 1) Give me an example of a time where you had to apply analytical skills on a project or task. 2) Tell me about a time you were able to deal with another person even when the individual may not have personally liked you (or vice versa). 3) Tell me about a time where you had to make a split second decision. 4) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time. 5) Why Procter and Gamble? 6) Why Product Supply Role. And lastly usually the first question and i personally think its pretty important 7) Tell me about yourself.

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You are adviced to use the C.A.R (Context.Action.Result) Interview technique, some interviews may prompt you to use that as well. One of the interviewer went through my resume in detail, enquiring on various experiences on the resume. Be sure that you are thoroughly aware of what you put in your resume as well as your experiences in the SDS form. Less


What do you know about this job?

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The associate is about cash position and interest recons. Usually this position is rec data among client broker and our own data. That normally have deadline from BD1 depends on their agreements. And deliver the complete reports on time. Less


What if a customer brought cash to your office as payment for their debts, will you accept it?

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Yes, because CASH IS KING! Although I explained that it needs to be turned over to Treasury immediately for proper receipting. LOL Less

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Q: Explain current process that you are following?

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Ans: Gave them description of my current role and responsibilities. My daily tasks and process improvements that I implemented. Less


Questions regarding expectations from ITC as an organization

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Answered this in a very practical manner & with clarity

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