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I had researched a lot and had a fair amount of knowledge anyway so I refrained from asking questions in a couple of interviews. Later on, I realized it's actually a great sign if one can ask relevant questions based on the just conducted interview (and not researched, well-rehearsed questions).

after first round of phone interview with some one from operation team, how many days does it take to get called for second round of interview?

I got a call from the HR within a couple of hours confirming that I'm through to the next round. I think the official mail came in about a day or two.

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In the 2nd round they asked: 1. An egg has to be boiled which takes exactly 11 minutes to boil. There are only 2 sand watches available to you one of 9 minutes and the other of 5 minutes. Using only these sand watches boil the egg.

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If you host a celebrity website which displays ads and suddenly notice a drop in traffic to your site/clicks on ads, how do you root cause the issue?

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write a singleton class in c++

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How would you estimate the number of seniors in India who use gmail?

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Have you used our application. And if yes then tell us about it?

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You are Product Manager at YouTube and you suddenly realize that you have viewership has fallen by 50%. How would you figure out what happened.

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The very last question was, "if you could be the product manager for any product in Google which would it be?"

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there are some eggs in tuw basket,if egg doubles every minute and it takes 1hour to fill the basket how much yime it will take to fill half the basket?

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Interview 1 Design home automation system. Interview 2 Recommend 5 YouTube videos to a user. How will you measure success/failure of your suggestions What should Google be doing in 10 years?

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