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What is your future planning?

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It is always unpridictable

There are 3 doors. One of them has a car behind it and rest of them have donkeys. I will open a donkey door irrespective of what door you opt and you'll have two doors left. Would you stick to your door or would you switch it ? Why ?

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All about Physics of XI and XII in model lecture. In model lecture they do lot of cross question but if you give logical and analytical answers they are satisfied even if you are not completely correct. In interview about present salary and preferred job location.

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Don't remember details as the interview was in 2006. But profile offered was a challenge as I had to also coordinate placements for students of Post Graduate level

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Their questions were like asking not for a Ph.D candidate but like for a fresher of a B.Tech or M.Tech. They could not ask anything or intentionally avoided to ask from my journals or from my research statement or from my project done to ISRO and the two members in the interview panel are well versed with my area (the profile of them is in MITS website shows that). But they began to ask only about practical applications. The two members from my area in the panel are not aware of the computational resources that I have used for my Ph.D thesis. So they were asking to repeat thrice about the computational resources used. Next, they began to insult my experimental results and findings. Whatever answer I say they could ask only one question i.e., what is the practical importance. Since, they could not ask any more questions they were trying to ask questions from my hobbies. After a stage, I realized that their intention seemed to insult me and I am talking to a fool who tries me to make fool. My mind came to a settlement of not joining here. At last one of them in the interview panel begged me could you write a proposal and get us somehow a project. If I have answered yes, I would have got the job. But, I answered no and left the place.

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How many years of teaching experience do you have?

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