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Why the potholes have circular opening?

4 Answers

Minimum surface area.

Because if its square, the lid can easily slip inside along the diagonal. length of diagonal is greater than side of square.

Potholes are the spots where the road's surface has eroded away ... they are all sorts of shapes. Manholes are round and have covers. They are round because that is the shape of the pipes that they are used to cover.

I had said that i had leadership qualities. so, i was asked a lot of questions on leadership.

3 Answers

Swapping of two strings without using third string ;

3 Answers

nothing was difficult. they came to hire u

3 Answers


2 Answers

What is you philosophy in life?

2 Answers

The interviewer throws a paper and asked me to sign it saying that it was the bond for joining Accenture.

2 Answers

Do you want to drink coffee ?

2 Answers

Cant find any difficulty. Just be confident and communicate properly.

2 Answers

There are 25 horses and only 1 track. Min no of matches to find top 3 horses.In a single race only 5 horses can run.

2 Answers
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