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1. The most difficult thing in Grapecity interview is to make the interviewer happy . Whatever you know, he doesn't care. Even he will not listen to your answers. He want to listen only the answer that he knows only without caring if you know better approach.

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Well, No comments on this. It was my best performing interview in my life where I was sure that I would be selected. But anyways, suggestions are : 1. Don't try to justify even if you are right, the interviewer will challenge you for an argument. 2. Try to hold your temper, as I lost mine while the interviewer was continuously ignoring my valid answers. 3. Wish for a good luck for a better mood of the interviewer if you are in Grapecity, as they feel that they are the one who know technology in India no Microsoft, no Oracle know better than them. Even if they are using their products.

Could you pls share design problem they have given you..

Hi, I am a senior member of the interview panel and we appreciate your comments. We are constantly striving to improve our hiring practices. With feedback like yours to help us along, I am sure that we will get even better.

Does Flex work in Internet Explorer ?

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Why we use angularjs?

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Core pega technical questions, basic and advanced questions in pega technology

1.)To rejuvenate a dying object reference through finalize method 2.)Somehow stop the call of finally method after a try block 3.)Detailed immutability concepts

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they are asked to write code and explain about the work flow

Mostly technical. kind of projects that i have worked on.

The first round was online logical reasoning questions, followed by online coding test and then a never ending technical round(but it was really good) and finally a so called interview with the head of some mobility division digging you as if you are some 10+ yrs experienced person! And finally even after you clear these rounds very well, they start by offering you minimal package, even below what is mentioned in the average salary compensation on glassdoor and then start bargaining like you are in a bhindi bazaar!! making you finally reject their offer. This was the most disappointing part of the whole process.

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