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Auditors play an important role in managing the financial accuracy of organisations across all industries. Their main duties include reviewing and auditing financial records to ensure that businesses comply with tax regulations and laws. Interviewing for an auditing position often involves answering questions about your skills as well as how you maintain accuracy.

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Top Auditor Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top auditor interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What workflows do you have in place for the auditing process?

How to answer: Since auditing can be a tedious job that involves poring over detailed financial records, it is important for auditors to have established workflows. These workflows can prevent the auditor from making mistakes or overlooking crucial data. When answering this question, use simple terminology and describe your workflow from start to finish.

Question No. 2: Have you ever had to back up your audit findings with hard data?

How to answer: An auditor may encounter people within the organisation who disagree with the results of an audit. If you face a question about your own experience with having to back up your findings, apply the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method to outline how you responded, what actions you took to present hard data or evidence, and the outcome.

Question No. 3: How does vouching apply in the auditing process?

How to answer: A question about a specific auditing term allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in the industry. You can use this question to showcase your understanding of the term and how you would apply vouching in your own process, such as by checking supporting documentation.

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Trainee Auditor was asked...29 March 2023

Por que você quer Auditoria?

1 Answers

Auditoria é uma área muito top e com muitas oportunidades e eu quero ter uma estabilidade financeira futuramente. Less


Por que a BDO Brasil?

1 Answers

A BDO é a big Five nível mundo, é um sonho profissional de qualquer trainee. E é uma empresa que valoriza os funcionários e sua Equipe, tem valores éticos que eu concordo. Less


Como você se vê em 5 anos?

1 Answers

Em 5 anos, pretendo estar cursando minha primeira pós graduação, ainda não escolhi o curso, mas quero algo que junte marketing e contabilidade. Less


What do you expect of the position? How would you fit the position?


Foi perguntado sobre petensão salarial,função atual


Sai come è fatto in bilancio di esercizio?

Cox Automotive

How did you problem solve when you were on a deadline.


why pwc, why audit, why me


Technical interview about IFRS, audit, risks.

Alaska Airlines

What does risk mean to you?

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