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Mindstix Software Labs
Automation and Manual Tester was asked...19 August 2017

Logical 4 friends playing on a computer Monitor falls and breaks F1 says F4 did it F2 says F1 did it F3 says He did not do it F4 says F1 is lying Only one is saying truth. Who's mistake is it???

3 Answers

becoz F3 says truth..

Monitor break by f3 and Truth saying is f4

Sankalp says truth



2 Answers


Can you list out the technical questions which they have answered


What is selenium

2 Answers

Selenium is an open source automation testing tool. It is used to automate web based applications. You can work on multiple operating system using selenium. Less

Selenium is an open source framework, that provides ability to write automated testing scripts using various programming languages. Less

CA Technologies

Selenium: validate that a textbox is accepting only 10 char/int and throwing edit after it

2 Answers

element(ie.textbox).sendkeys("valuegreaterthsn 10"); string typedvalue= element(ie.textbox).getattributeValue("value"); int size = typedvalue.length() = if(size==10) sysout(as expected) Less

element(ie.textbox).sendkeys("valuegreaterthsn 10"); string typedvalue= element(ie.textbox).getattributeValue("value"); int size = typedvalue.length() = if(size<=10) sysout(as expected) else element(ie.textbox).clear(); Less

GS Lab

What is framework? Data flow of the current project? How TestNG works?

1 Answers

Defect life cycle

GS Lab

What are the different types of frameworks? What is Keyword driven Framework? Differennce between keyword driven framework and data driven framework?

1 Answers

Which locators have you used? What is xpath? what is the difference between relative xpath and absolute xpath? Less

Moolya Software Testing

Write the XPATH for MALE and FEMALE radio button..??

1 Answers

I am explaining him how can we go to the parent node and child node and i have written the xpath taking the reference of visible text. Less

Ark Workplace Risk

What automation framework do you build.

1 Answers

What do you think are advantages of POM and what alternatives to follow for the disadvantages. Less


Questions on selenium, qa processes and many many other things

1 Answers

Learn selenium, java interview questions and qa processes well before you go. Interview is really really long. (Overstretch) Eat well before you go in for the longest interview process you will ever attend in your lifetime. HR team never answer your calls. So make sure you know where it is located. After the interview HR team lack the general courtesy to call you back after repeated mails, calls and a 3 hour interview to tell you the result. Dont be curious to know the result as you wont get it until all the other 50 candidates are interviewed. You will mostly get your result after at least a week. Meanwhile if you have other offers from different companies, i strongly recommend you go ahead. Do not put all your eggs in this basket. First three rounds are doable. Not much of a stress. The last two rounds with heads is tricky. Too many generic questions which will have million possible answers. Depends on who you are. Make sure you don't suggest any ideas\improvements about their website even when asked for. (Even if you have lot of them in your head). Am not sure if it will be well taken. Tell them they are doing a brilliant job and you can hardly see any improvements. Less

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