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Logical 4 friends playing on a computer Monitor falls and breaks F1 says F4 did it F2 says F1 did it F3 says He did not do it F4 says F1 is lying Only one is saying truth. Who's mistake is it???

3 Answers

becoz F3 says truth..

Sankalp says truth

Monitor break by f3 and Truth saying is f4


2 Answers

Selenium: validate that a textbox is accepting only 10 char/int and throwing edit after it

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1. When you perform a test, what steps do you take? What’s your process? 2. If I left you testing for two hours, what would you have to show me when I returned? 3. Have you automated any of your tests? How so? 4. What do you do if the developers decide the bug is not a bug?

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Write the XPATH for MALE and FEMALE radio button..??

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What is framework? Data flow of the current project? How TestNG works?

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What are the different types of frameworks? What is Keyword driven Framework? Differennce between keyword driven framework and data driven framework?

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Technical questions about automation, kind of framework to chose based upon real time examples, database testing questions etc.

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What is selenium

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