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Assistente De Back Office was asked...12 June 2019

Perguntaram o que é um atendimento humanizado e um atendimento robotizado.

1 Answers

Descrevi que é um atendimento o mais acolhedor possível, aquele que nós gostaríamos de receber, com total empatia e proatividade em resolver o problema do cliente. Less

Wizard e-Marketing Private Limited

The should ask me weather i have dedication determinatio and dicipline in my life or not.

1 Answers

For me work is worship and i do have capability to handle all the situation in a proper mannner. Less

Indian Bank

3 Pillars of Basel 2

1 Answers

The 3 Pillars of Basel 2 are: Minimum Capital requirement, Supervisory review Process and Market discipline. Less

BNP Paribas Securities Services

Présentez vous

1 Answers

J`ai parcourus le cursus que j`avais effectué

Porto Seguro Seguros

"Você sabe formatar um computador?"

1 Answers

Me segurei para não desmaiar.

Why are you interested in this job?

1 Answers

Strong communication skills, computer literacy and have an urge to learn and grow. Less


Porque você saiu da sua antiga empresa? Porque deveríamos te contratar?

1 Answers

Falei a verdade


Who are our competitors?

1 Answers

Next and Asda (re their clothing section)

Tri-City Cardiology Consultants

I was asked how long I have been a medical assistant, my qualifications , and what were my areas of expertise . Also, I was asked , and quizzed on HIPPA laws, and overall patient care. The back office medical assistant supervisor , and I did a one, on one "skit" if you will, pretending that she was the patient, and I was her medical assistant. She wanted to see how I conducted myself personally, as well as professionally.

1 Answers

I informed them that, I have fourteen years experience working as a medical assistant. Also, my areas of expertise include: family practice , pain management , and cardiology. I began my career as a medical assistant in 1997. I have the most experience working in family practice ( 10 years to be exact). The great thing about working in family medicine for so many years, is that it's so diverse. I gained a vast spectrum of knowledge in so many specialties over the years. Less

Roth Staffing

Are you willing to learn ne skills to improve your job performance?

1 Answers

That was exactly the job I want. I want a job to open new doors and learn new things. Less

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