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Backend engineer java Interview Questions


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How comfortable you are working out of your comfort zone.

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I answered the question confidently and accurately giving examples as well.

What is the internal working of Map

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Tell me about your previous experience.

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Design a tagging system

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1. Write a program which will result in guaranteed lock. 2. 13 Caves and a Thief Puzzle 3. Albert, Bernard and Cheryl birthday puzzle 4. 2-3 Java output based question which had some compilation or run time based errors. 5. Write a program to traverse 2D array in spiral way.

They asked me on how to implement queue using 2 stacks, Acid properties in dbms, find loop in a linked list, about the project and few questions were related to my projects.

How you will override hashcode method? Java 8 features. What is serveltconfig ? Difference between merge and rebase? How to create git branch ? Wait vs notify methods

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