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Associate Director Interview Questions in Bangalore


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What will be your strategy to handle conflict in your team

1 Answer

I will build consensus in the team and resolve all disputes amicably through dialogue

all technical in depth + all management skiils in depth + all projects handled in depth

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How will you solve the problem of Multi Touch attribution when it comes to getting the individual contributions of different medium of customer interactions (FB, email, SMS, Direct Mail and TV, etc) towards the sale of the product?

1 Answer

Estimations, Problem solving, Strategy, and general questions on product management.

explain the process of creating EPIC/Stories.

How did you manage a conflict situation with a supervisor

1 Answer

They asked me to solve a problem that required knowledge of complex DS Algorithms

The questions on the business side was more on how will I start and grow the practice in the domain that I was recruited in. It was expected. What was surprising was the final round. Usually, HR round lasts very less time and is more of a formality. But here, I had a 45 minute interview and was asked about happiness, motivation and how I will gel well with the culture. I liked it because while it may sound trivial, if is important to get people who can gel well with the culture to maintain the DNA of the company.